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Diamond Membership Package


Lifetime Membership. Access to All Products. Earn 70% Direct Referral Commission. Earn 5% Commissions from 1st Level to 6th Level depth of referrals. And earn everytime your referrals (direct or indirect) upgrade their membership.


As a Diamond Member, you get lifetime membership. You can access all products of CashCowRobot.

Earn Direct Referral Commission

You also have the capacity to earn 70% Lifetime Direct Referral Commission. And it’s a lifetime commission for you. Once a client become your referral, he becomes your lifetime referral. It means that you earn every time your Direct Referrals upgrade Membership. And there are 3 Membership Packages that your Referrals can choose:
  1. Bronze Membership Package (Price: ₱2,000)
  2. Gold Membership Package (Price: ₱6,000)
  3. Diamond Membership Package (Price: ₱10,000)
For example, if your referral buys a Bronze Membership Package, you earn 70% of ₱2,000 (price of the Bronze Membership Package). So, you earn ₱1400. Because he registered under your referral link, he becomes your lifetime referral. When he plans to upgrade to Gold Membership, you will then again earn another 70% of ₱6,000 (price of Gold Membership Package). So, you earn ₱4,200 from his upgrade. This is what you can earn everytime he upgrades to the higher membership packages:
  • Earn ₱4,200 – if your referral upgrades to Gold Membership Package (70% of ₱6,000)
  • Earn ₱7,000 – if your referral upgrades to Diamond Membership Package (70% of ₱10,000)
Just imagine if you have thousands of direct referrals, ₱7,000 x 1,000 referrals = ₱7,000,000 earning potential.

Earn Unilevel Commissions (Level 1 to Level 6 Referrals)

You can also earn 5% Lifetime Commissions from 1st level generation of referrals to the 6th level generation (depth) of referrals . This Unilevel Commission is based on the Direct Referral Commisson. So, if your Level 2 Referral buys a Bronze Membership Package (Price: ₱2,000), his Direct Upline (if he’s a Diamond Member) earns ₱1,400 (70% Direct Referral Commission). And you earn ₱70 (5% of ₱1,400 Direct Referral Profit) from this Level 1 referral. The same earning capacity you can get up to Level 6 Referrals. Don’t underestimate the Power of Duplication. Just imagine if you have 25,000 referrals in Level 1 to Level 6, then they bought Bronze Membership Package , you can potentially earn ₱1,750,000 (₱70 x 25,000 referrals). And what if those referrals upgrades their membership? Another MILLION income (PASSIVE INCOME) generates for you.

How Much Is Your Potential Income As a Diamond Member?

Here’s your potential income as a Diamond Member if your referrals (Direct Referrals and the Level 1 to 6 Referrals) buy Diamond Membership Packages:



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